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Commissioned Work

A collection of photos and campaigns commissioned by brands, travel companies, and tourism boards.

Na Pali Craze

Advocating a tour of the Na Pali coast with Na Pali Craze tours.

AAMI Insurance

Promoting safe travel with AAMI Travel Insurance, UK.

Latitude Financial

Informing followers of the Remote Year Giveaway from LFS.

American Express

American Express, partnered with Secret Escapes, promoting the "Travel More" campaign.


Promoting Lufthansa's "Say Yes to the World" campaign.

Beefeater Gin

Image and paid post promoting Beefeater Gin's new Pink Gin.

Centrum Multivitamins

"Applauding Life" Campaign for Centrum.

Tailor Made Iceland

Photo and post commissioned by Tailor Made Iceland showcasing their unique Ice Cave Tours.

Good2Go Travel Insurance

Promoting safe travel with Good2Go Travel Insurance.

Maui Rental Cars

A massive response to a collaboration with Maui Rental Cars.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruise Line campaign promoting the launch of its new MSC Bellissima vessel.

Daintree Tourism

One of many photos commissioned for the Port Douglas Daintree tourism board, Australia.


Raising awareness for the Powerball $100 million jackpot.

Maui Car Rental

Promoting the exploration of Maui by camper van via Maui Budget Cars.


Promoting the "Corona Bucket List" challenge.

Port Douglas Daintree Tourism

Another post and photo created for and commissioned by Daintree tourism board, Australia.

Intro Travel

Post promoting Asian destination tour booking through Intro Travel.

Kauai Campervans

Encouraging exploration of Kauai with the island's newest campervan company, Kauai Campervans.

Cape Tribulation Beachhouse

Photo and post for Cape Tribulation Beachhouse holidays.

Air Asia

The first post in what is now an ongoing partnership with Air Asia promoting cultural festivals in Asia.

Tandem Money

Another post promoting the "Calling All Journeymakers" campaign from Tandem Money, UK.

Real Journeys

Shoutout and referral to Real Journeys travel co. in New Zealand.


"Fun Money Frenzy" campaign for Keno.

Visit Great Ocean Road

One of many posts and photos created as part of 5-day famil with Visit Great Ocean Road Tourism, Aus.

Latitude Financial

Another campaign with Latitude FS for a Motor Loan.

Latitude Financial

Promoting the consideration of a Car Loan from Latitude Financial Services.

Boost Mobile

Paid photo for Boost Mobile's "Double Data" IG campaign.

Wuthrich Wines

Campaign for Wuthrich Wine's Blumond wine; the worlds only blue sparkling wine.

Wilderness Society Australia

One of two posts promoting the "Save Ugly" campaign from Wilderness Society Australia.

Real Journeys

Quick shout to prepare for a campaign with Real Journeys travel co. in NZ.

Marvel Australia

Campaign post for the new Antman movie by Marvel.

NAB Bank

Post promoting the new NAB Traveller Card by NAB banking.


"Beware of the Bugs" campaign promoting annual check-ups for travel.

Tailor Made Iceland

Photo and post commissioned by Tailor Made Iceland showcasing their unique Ice Cave Tours.

Allens Candies

@TravelsofSophie and I in a product post for Allen's Candies in New Zealand.


Post encouraging travellers to download the iFirstAid app for emergencies.

Sekehla Collective

Encouraging travelers to purchase a Sekehla Bucket List journal.

Visit GOR 4

The first of many posts and photos commissioned for Australia's Visit Great Ocean Road tourism board.

Tandem Money

Raising awareness for the "Calling All Journeymakers" campaign from Tandem Money, UK.

Wildlife Safari

Increasing awareness of the Wildlife Safari animal sanctuary,

Travel Frenzy

Inciting participation in the "Click Frenzy" event by Travel Frenzy.

With Camera In Hand

My first paid campaign, encouraging new DSLR users to learn online at With Camera In Hand.

Visit Great Ocean Road Tourism

Another post for the Visit Great Ocean Road tourism board.

SoOregon Express

Post encouraging participation in the SoOregon Express Winter Workshop.

Explore Port Phillip Tourism

Photo and post commissioned by the Port Phillip tourism board.

Visit GOR

One of many posts and photos taken for Visit GOR tourism on the "whale trail" winter promotion.

Wildlife Images

Raising awareness for a photography workshop and its partner, Wildlife Images Rehabilitation.

News Corporation Australia

Promoting the "Win A Weekender" campaign from News Corp., Aus.

Lub D Hotels

"Tropics Like Its Hot" Beach party promotion for Lub D Hotels across SE Asia.

Trusted Housesitters

Promoting the TrustedHousitters app for travelers.


Promoting Powerball's $80 million jackpot.