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A photo collection from an Iceland winter road trip in February-March of 2018. The endless dreamscapes offered by this country rank it highest on my "must-visit" list of countries for landscape photography.

A moody morning photo of me jumping at Mt Vestrahorn in Stokksnes, Iceland.


A moody morning shot capturing the drama and majesty of Vestrahorn Mountain in Stokksnes, Iceland.

Standing in front of the magnificent, powerful plunge of the Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland.

“The Power of Skogafoss”

The introduction of the human element lends scale to the true power of the magnificent Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland.

Fragments of ice chunks from the Jokulsarlon glacier stack up on shore as the sun sets at Glacier Lagoon.

“Land of Fire & Ice”

Our first Icelandic sunset captured at the Glacier Lagoon in Jokulsarlon, Iceland. 

The Aurora dances above the remains of a DC plane wreck in Iceland.

“Beauty in Disaster”

Aurora dances above the remains of a DC-3 Plane that crashed decades ago at this spot in Iceland.

A cloudy, moody day at Diamond Beach in Iceland sets the stage for a naturally monochromatic scene as the tide drags back to the sea, polishing ice diamonds on the black sand shore.

“Ebb and Flow”

A moody day at Diamond Beach, watching the tide drag back to the sea, polishing ice diamonds on the black sand shore.

A photo of the Treasure Island ice cave in Iceland. This glacial tunnel, otherworldly textures, and incredible blue-tones are the creation of a river that flows through the Jokulsarlon Glacier, freezing during the winter months.

“Light At the End”

A trickling stream chases the light through the incredible ice cave tunnel hidden in the Jokulsarlon Glacier.

A magical sunrise fills the sky with color about a frozen Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall in Iceland.

“Wizard’s Spell”

A brilliant sunrise over the frozen Kirkjusfellsfoss waterfall.

An incredible display of aurora borealis above Mt Vestrahorn in Iceland.

“Midnight Dance”

The most magical night of my life, taken at Mt Vestrahorn.