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Milky Way Photography

Milky Way Photography

Milky Way photography from the North and South hemispheres, taken with landscape compositions in mind.

Watching the Aurora Australis light up the sky from a kayak in a lake near Te Anau in the Southland of New Zealand.

“We Are Infinite”

The Milky Way descends as Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) dances on a clear night in Te Anau.

A night shot of the beautiful @travelsofsophie as she watches the milky way set from her fairylight swing in Milford Sound in the Southland region of New Zealand.

“We Own the Night”

Sometimes life feels more like a dream; such was the case in our night visit to Milford Sound in New Zealand.

The otherworldly seascape of Wharariki Beach seen with the Milky Way setting behind it.

“Another World”

Some nights you find yourself wondering if you woke up on another planet...

A silhouetted figure comes face to face with the Milky Way in Aoraki, New Zealand.

“Face to Face”

A silhouetted figure comes face to face with the Milky Way in Aoraki, New Zealand.

A glorious night under the stars at the Llanddwyn Island Lighthouse in Northern Wales.

“Land’s End at Llanddwyn”

A gorgeous clear night at Llanddwyn Lighthouse in Wales.

Night photo of Oregon's Mt Hood with the Milky Way erupting from it in front of a small creek.

“Mt Hood Magic”

The Milky Way erupts from Mt Hood in this award-winning nightscape.

Milky Way Photography from a sea cave along the Samuel H Boardman Corridor on the Oregon Coast.

“From the Cave”

Oh what things we saw from the cave...

A night photo of Mt Shasta with the Milky Way in front of train tracks.

“Milky Way Express” (vertical)

All aboard the Milky Way Express to Mt Shasta!

The Milky Way collides with Whales Head sea stack along the Samuel H Boardman corridor outside of Brookings on the Oregon Coast.

“Whales Head Volcano”

The Milky Way core seemingly erupts from the top of Whales Head sea stack.

A layer of smoke covers the peak of Mt Mcloughlin, separating the land from the Milky Way sky.

“Two Worlds Collide”

A layer of smoke creates the illusion of the Milky Way sky colloding with the peak of Mt McLoughlin.

Natural Bridges on the Samuel H Boardman corridor of the Oregon Coast is scene here with the Milky Way behind.

“A Bridge to the Stars”

Natural Bridges span the gap between our Earth and the Milky Way.