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“1000 Island Sunset”

Sunset at 1000 Island Lake, Taiwan

The Story of "1000 Island Sunset"

Getting this shot of 1000 Island Lakes for sunset was actually a pretty huge accomplishment.  I had seen a photo somewhere of the place, but even just figuring out the name of it was a struggle.  Without access to a car or scooter, I went as far as the bus would take me, trying and failing to communicate with every driver where I was ultimately trying to get, eventually discovering that public transport wouldn't be an option.

I went as far as the friendly driver would take me, who then gave me a bottle of water and wished me good luck as I began walking aimlessly in the generally correct direction, thumb in the air, hoping there just might be another photographer interested in this place.  As good luck would have it, the very first car I was being driven by two young, friendly Taiwanese students who were happy to pull over and allow me to join them for the day.

We talked about my life as a travel photographer and about how people would only see the photo I eventually capture of 1000 Island Lake without understanding the hellish day and uncertainty it had taken to get there.  But in the end, I ended up getting one amazing story to compliment one amazing photo.

During my travels of Asia, my final impressions of Taiwan were a lot better than my first, and much of that had to do with the natural landscapes I found during my final weeks there.  This was one of those landscapes.

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