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“Ebb and Flow”

Diamond Beach, Jokulsarlon, Iceland

The Story of "Ebb and Flow"

Its hard to say which place I was most excited to visit on our trip to Iceland, but Diamond Beach was certainly somewhere very near the top of that list.  I'd seen photos of ice diamonds sparkling in sunlight on a black sand shore and could barely understand what I was seeing.  Capturing these miracles of nature is what motivated me to pursue photography; Diamond Beach was a challenge I was excited to take on!

Our first visit, however, came with thick clouds and mostly-foul weather.  I was disappointed at first to encounter the scene on such a cloudy, moody day.  However, I would eventually come to find sheer joy as I looked through the lens to observe a naturally monochromatic world.  There was something special about shooting the scene on a day so gloomy, rather than the vibrant sunset I had imagined and hoped for.  Because the sky was a no-show, I was able to focus on the details; the textures of the ice, the natural contrast between the black sand, white water, and blue-ish glacial chunks, and the way the tide would ebb and flow, streaking back to the sea as it passed the diamonds.

We would eventually re-visit this location for a sunset closer to what I had imagined, and even once more for some aurora!  Despite having more "favorable" conditions on those future visits, this simple, moody version has always ranked as one of my favorite photos from our month in Iceland.

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