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“Great Ocean Road Trip”

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

The Story of "Great Ocean Road Trip"

Any visitor to Melbourne, or to anywhere in Victoria, Australia really, is obligated to save a day in their itinerary to drive the Great Ocean Road.  While the 12 Apostles may be the prized destination, the entire drive is filled with salt air and ocean views.  Leave the stress of the city and real life behind, buckle in, and cruise leisurely along the high sea cliffs of Victoria.

This photo was one of many from an exciting project with Great Ocean Road Tourism.  Originally commissioned for a 3-day trip to showcase the appeal of exploring the region in the winter, we were able to talk them into five, and then a sixth as we found ourselves overwhelmed with the endless photo opportunities along the way.

What I loved in particular about this shot was that it satisfied by ongoing challenge to capture the essence of each place I explore in a frame.  With the rolling hills, golden light, aqua waters, and winding road all included in just one aerial shot, I felt like this photo had all the elements that make the Great Ocean Road such a special drive.

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