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“The Wolf’s Gaze”

A North American grey wolf assesses my presence within the pack.

The Story of "The Wolf's Gaze"

The North American Grey Wolf was almost obliterated by farmers and hunters, but is finally back on the rise with increased awareness of their positive impact on the local ecosystem.  Once a proud icon of Oregon, I have a special place in my heart for the Rogue Wolf.

This photo was taken at a Wildlife rescue center called Wildlife Images in Grants Pass, Oregon.  This particular ambassador is named Rogue and could not be re-released because someone had attempted to keep her as a pet, realizing quickly that a wolf is far cry (or howl) from a dog!  Because she had lost her fear of humans, she would inevitably associate human settlements with food and would not last long before animal control would have to destroy her.  Instead, she lives her life out with plenty of space and an emphasis on maintaining her wild instincts as much as possible at this ethically sound facility.

There are three wolf ambassadors at Wildlife Images and between you and I, Rogue is my favorite.

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