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“Through It All”

Griffiths Island Lighthouse, Port Fairy, Australia

The Story of "Through It All"

The pride of Port Fairy, Australia, is the resilient Griffiths Island Lighthouse.

A charming gate remains ajar, inviting me in to observe those magical minutes when the sun has nearly set and the world is cloaked in golden light.  Through the dark days and the bright, the sunsets and the storms, this lighthouse stands strong through it all.

I have always loved photographing lighthouses, and I think it's because of what they represent.  Lighthouses are built to stand strong through the worst weather and guide ships home to safety.  They stand diligent, persevering through the battering of storms and waves while their light scans the horizon defiantly, offering hope for incoming ships.

Perhaps it is not the lighthouse I enjoy photographing, but rather the metaphor.

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