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“Ride the Rails”

Hualien Coastline, Taiwan

The Story of "Ride the Rails"

The absolute jewel of Taiwan is this coastal drive to Hualien, hugging the cliffside roads with immersive ocean views on one side and lush green jungle on the other.  I drove back and forth along this road looking desperately for a photo to capture the mood and feeling of Hualien.  I loved the tunnel here and how it included so many of the elements of the scene; the cliffs, the coast, the changing colors of sunset... all it needed was a subject.

Balance precariously on a shoulder guard, I raised my camera as high as I could using my tripod as a sort of periscope to clear the trees and waited.  The camera was set on a 2-second burst timer, meaning if I saw a light coming through the tunnel, I would have time to push the trigger, hold it up, and hope one of the shots landed.

One of them did.

Though much of my time in Taiwan was disappointing, I absolutely loved the east coast, and particularly the region around Hualien, Yilan, and Taroko.  And this photo just may be my favorite of all the photos from my travels there.

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