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“Living A Dream”

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington

The Story of "Living A Dream"

This photo was taken on the Canon Elph point-and-shoot on my second trip around the country.  Of the hundreds of photos I had taken with that camera on my path to photography obsession, this remains my second-favorite, and is one of only 2 on this entire website!

Hurricane Ridge is famous for it's high vantage points and you never quite know what to expect from the clouds at this altitude.  From the peak, you will often find them floating above you in a typical, usual way.  Just as often, you find yourself smack in the middle of them, staring 2 feet ahead at a thick grey wall of fog.  Every now and then, however, you find yourself looking down at a floor of puffy white beauty.  Today was one of THOSE days, and the challenge was to capture the feeling.

Despite being a low resolution camera and image, this moody shot has remained on my list of favorites due entirely to the feeling of elation it imbues.

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