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“Beauty in Disaster”

Aurora over DC-3 Plane Wreck, Iceland

The Story of "Beauty in Disaster"

The DC-3 Plane Wreck is one of those places that no matter how many photos you see, you feel like you have to photograph the scene for yourself.  This was a big stop on the itinerary and almost never happened! The first time we were in the area, a winter storm blew in and walking the dark path to the wreck site was not an option.  We decided to move towards better weather areas and I accepted that the shot I had imagined may not come to fruition.

Fate and weather would change things once again, however, as winter storms push north in the direction I was meant to be going.  It seemed we couldn't catch a break, so we decided to create one!  Rather than continuing on in the direction we were meant to go, we studied the weather maps and went toward the clear patches.  We ended up back in this area, only this time we could see the sky!

That night, we walked to the Plane Wreck to photograph sunset, which was spectacular, and hoped for our first real show of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights.)  With plenty of glow still in the sky and a full moon on the rise, the camera started picking up some otherworldly shades of green.  By nightfall, the scene was lit beautifully by the perfect white light of the moon while the Aurora danced around us in waves, coming and going for the next three hours.

We learned a valuable lesson on this trip, validated by our night at the DC-3 Plane Wreck; sometimes fate needs a push in the right direction.

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