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“A Painting of Paradise”

Kuang Si Waterfall, Luang Prabang, Laos

The Story of "A Painting of Paradise"

Kuang Si Waterfall is the single most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen in my entire life; and that is a list of over a hundred!  The vibrant, tropical colors and Eden-like setting of this place is absolutely magical in every sense of the word.  Of all the places I have traveled, all the amazing landscapes I have seen, Kuang Si Waterfall ranks near the top.  It is a true world wonder.

When you arrive at Kuang Si Falls, you begin the walk far downstream.  Even that first look at the lower pools took my breath away, with each section tugging harder and harder at my heart strings.  When I first laid my eyes on Kuang Si Waterfall, I was nearly brought to tears!  These displays of nature's artistry are what motivate my travels and first ignited this passion for photography.  Having the opportunity to witness and photograph something this beautiful was a testament and validation of the financial and often physical comforts I have lost in the pursuit of this nomadic lifestyle.

Mother Nature broke the mold when she painted Kuang Si Waterfall!

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