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“Moon Bear Spa Day”

A playful moon bear having a spa day

The Story of "Moon Bear Spa Day"

The endangered moon bears once thrived in Southeast Asia, but a history of bear bile farming nearly caused their extinction.  The bile was used for medicine, but has had cruelty-free alternatives for DECADES!  Slowly, the culture of condemning these adorable animals to a life of tiny cages and catheters  is improving, but is still legal and problematic in China.

I had never seen a moon bear, or even heard of one for that matter, prior to happening upon them at a sanctuary in Luang Prabang, Laos.  They are the second smallest of the bear species on Earth, larger only than sun bears.

I couldn't believe how small and playful they were to watch.  They honestly look as much like dogs as they do bears!

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