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Mt Baker at Night, Snoqualmie National Forest, WA

The Story of "Heavenly"

From the moment I arrived at the top of Mt Baker, I knew I would be doing everything I could to capture the Milky Way there that night.  The conditions were far from ideal, but the setting was too amazing not to try.

After making the 45 minute vertical climb to the top once before for sunset, I found myself once again ascending the steep trail to the highest viewpoint the park offers, belly full and eyes wide.

There was a moon tonight that was expected to cause a problem picking up Milky Way, but I thought it worth a shot all the same.

There was low cloud coming in and out blocking my sky and foreground, but I thought it worth a shot all the same.

There was a lot of light pollution reflecting from the clouds, but I STILL thought it worth a shot...

Three hours later, as I trudged exhaustedly down the mountain with an ear-to-ear smile, I knew I had made the right choice.

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