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Mt Baker, Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington

The Story of "Bliss"

During a lengthy road trip with my lovely mother, we crossed the border from Canada to re-enter the US for the first time in weeks.  The closer we came, the larger Mt Baker loomed, and the louder it called.

This was my first visit to the Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington, and nothing I saw could overhype or overstate the beauty that exists here.  The views from everywhere is impressive, but special consideration must be given to Artist Point for the best views in the United States!

Close your eyes, spin in circle, and open them to a different mountain range or peak each time.  This place is one of unspeakable beauty, and this photo just might be my favorite of all.

Just a short hike to the top of Artist Ridge delivered this top-of-the world view of Mt Baker bathing in soft and brilliant golden light.   Resilient snow stayed piled up to offer some color and texture separation, joined in effort by a bright green treeline.

Trying to name this photo, I stared at it for about 10 minutes running through names.  Finally, I closed it and decided to focus on how I FELT and not what I saw.


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