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“The White Cliffs of England”

Old Harry Rock, Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England

The Story of "The White Cliffs of England"

Old Harry Rocks along the Jurassic Coast are often mistaken for the Cliffs of Dover, but my tour guide insisted that this was the place to see the iconic English landscapes.  She insisted that the Cliffs of Dover tare famous for their history, not for their beauty.  If I wanted to see the true beauty of the white cliffs of England, we needed to visit the Jurassic Coast!

And so a road trip was planned that explored the English countryside and brilliant Jurassic coastline, set to end in Cornwall.  On one of the first days, we visited this place; where the world likely once ended for the ancient people of England.  But today, we have drones.

A bit fearful of the high winds, I launched Whisper the Drone with caution and took him out to get a better perspective and idea of the true landscape of the coastline.  And what a view it was!

From the vertical white cliffs to the rolling green countryside, this photo captured everything I imagined England to be and squeezed it into a frame.  My goal with any place I travel is to capture the essence of that place in a photograph, which is often quite the challenge.  But every now and then, a photo does just that.

This is now and then.

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