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“Picture Perfect”

Picture Lake, Mt Baker, Washington

The Story of "Picture Perfect"

The aptly-named Picture Lake is one of the most iconic stops in Mt Baker, but is somehow lesser-known for its spectacular sunrise vista!  The calm waters reflect the distant mountains with perfection, and the mist that rises from the heating waters is, well, picture perfect!

I captured this photo after almost sleeping through sunrise, having been out shooting the stars all of the night before.  Exhausted, I kicked myself for sleeping through the alarm but was able to rush out in time to get one good shot before the sun was able to climb the tree line.  I may have missed the sunrise tones, but I did like having a nice sunstar to focus on and appreciated having a bit more light spilling through to the foreground.

Mt Baker has become my favorite destination in the state of Washington, and one that I hope to revisit to capture in its many seasonal looks.

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