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Preah Khan, Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Story of "Doorways"

My entire time at Angkor Wat in Cambodia was spent trying to capture these ancient religious temples with modern-day monks visiting them.  Though there are a fair few monks who tour the temples each day, it was very challenging to get a candid photo, and one without a crowd.

While we explored the Preah Khan temple, I loved the way the doorways cascaded in a row.  It looked to me like two mirrors being held up to reflect each other, creating that infinite mirror illusion.  Rather than chase the monks around, I set up my shot and waited until, thankfully, one eventually wandered my way.

For any aspiring photographers out there, this may be a tip worth remember; if you know the shot, sometimes its best to simply wait for the conditions to fall into place.  There is often a desire to chase the light or conditions, settling for subpar compositions and foregrounds.  The result is a memory car full of average photo, which I would trade every day for one amazing one!

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