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“Skyfire Sermon”

Sunrise at Pulpit Rock, Cape Schanck, Mornington Peninsula, Australia

The Story of "Skyfire Sermon"

I stayed up all night to shoot the stars at Pulpit Rock in Cape Schanck, located in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, Australia.  Arriving at 4am to find absolute cloud cover, however I decided that these low clouds might destroy our chance at shooting the stars, but they may be just right for collecting the light and color of sunrise.

Three hours laters, we were back and in need of a victory. I had seen photos of this place at sunrise and knew there was some real magic here, but needed a bit of help.  Slowly, the sky began to transform until a rainbow appeared... and then, suddenly, the sky caught FIRE.  The entire atmosphere seemed to be radiating shades of yellow, purple, magenta, and everything in between!  Through it all, Pulpit Rock stood triumphant, bathing in the glow of the rising sun.

This was truly a skyfire sermon at the Pulpit Rock.

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