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“The Road to Mt. Cook”

Mt Cook National Park, Mackenzie Region of New Zealand

The Story of "The Road to Mt. Cook"

In my opinion, Mt. Cook is the most photogenic and beautiful place in the entire country of New Zealand.  I know that is a huge statement to be made about perhaps the most photogenic country in the world, but no other place provided such consistently incredible views in such a small space.  Before one has even arrived, they follow the perfectly winding road that leads to one of the highest mountains in the southern hemisphere.

This particular shot was taken on that road as I couldn't help but introduce the human element to provide scale and energy to the spectacular mountainscape.  This was just the first of countless priceless photos I would take on this visit, including everything from mid-day shots to sunset to blue hour to night sky to sunrise.

The only time you can safely put the camera away is when the mountain itself wraps itself in clouds and forces you to.

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