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“Floating on Sunrise”

Sunrise at Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

The Story of "Floating on Sunrise"

You may have seen the photo above called "Morning Meditation" which was captured at the same sunrise in the same spot in Sanur, Bali.   The irony is that when we scouted this location for our morning shoot, we weren't sure we'd even find one suitable foreground!  Yet somehow, 2 of my Top 10 Bali photos came from this same shoot.

What I loved about "Floating on Sunrise" was the way the boat pictured here floats so calmly and effortlessly without so much as a ripple in the ocean water.  There was an inexplicable calm and stillness to the scene, contrasted by the drama of a fiery sunrise sky.

This was a indeed a morning full of magic and peace; like the boat featured here, we felt that morning as if we were floating on the sunrise itself.

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