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“Morning Meditation”

Sunrise at Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

The Story of "Morning Meditation"

Follow the intricate textures of the cobblestone path as they lead our eyes to a place of meditation; a lone pagoda silhouetted by a purple and orange sunrise in the small town of Sanur in Bali, Indonesia.

The amazing sunrise sky obviously steals the show in this photo, but I was particularly enamored by the leading lines when we initially scouted this location for a morning shoot.

There is a small, special place in my heart for this one as we were determined to photograph the sunrise from Sanur but after hours of scouting throughout the night before, we weren't sure there would be anything special to put in the foreground.  We decided this location would have to do, dropped a pin, and headed home for a few hours of sleep.  Tired and cranky, we rode back in the morning and were gifted one incredible display of color and peace.

I hope you enjoy Morning Meditation as much as I do.

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