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“Heart & Sol Duc”

Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park, Washington

The Story of "Heart & Sol Duc"

While I am generally hard to impress these days when it comes to waterfalls, I have always loved Sol Duc Falls.  Located deep in the heart of Olympic National Park, this beautiful triplet falls embodies everything that is Pacific Northwest beauty; from  the vibrant, lush greens to the pristine white water and picturesque setting in which it spills.  Something about this place just strikes a cord.

Of course, my first memories of the falls were from a trip back in 2013 in which I proceeded to snap away using the "Vibrant Color" setting with my Canon Elph.  The shots were terribly, but I was terribly proud... until I wasn't.  As I progressed and developed in my craft, I looked back at the toxic-green mess I had managed to capture and vowed to do it justice the next time I returned.

This newest photo is one that, for now, I am once again proud of.

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