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“River Meets Ocean”

Sombrio Beach, Vancouver Island, BC

The Story of "River Meets Ocean"

After hiking down to Sombrio Beach, I looked both directions as far as I could see and wondered to myself... "why on Earth did I note this place as being special?"  With nothing but rocky sand and flat coastline to the left and right, I nearly returned to the car.

Luckily, I knew myself better than that.  I wouldn't have pinned this spot on my map if I hadn't seen something interesting to photograph there.  So I just started walking to the left.  Each corner I turned, I wondered if whatever I'd noted might be around the next corner.  After about 30 minutes, I turned one last bend to reveal something I was not expecting to see in the slightest; this large, beautiful waterfall spilling into the emerald green waters of the Pacific Ocean!

The ultimate twist; this is NOT what I had noted as being the point of interest at Sombrio Beach!  What I missed is a well-known secret waterfall that crashes into a narrow chasm somewhere along the way.  As soon as I got back to internet and looked through my Google Map notes, I saw the picture I had INTENDED to take here and laughed while kicking myself.  I'm grateful at what I discovered, and maybe even prefer it, but disappointed by what I missed.

Life is funny.

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