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“Peace and Chaos”

Sparks Lake, Bend, Oregon

The Story of "Peace and Chaos"

My family reunion was taking place in Sunriver; that meant 7 days torn between socializing with family and taking every chance I could find to photograph the many stunning areas in Central Oregon.  There was one time of day that never caused a conflict; sunrise.

Accordingly, every night I would drive out to Sparks Lake when everyone else went to bed and wake up at 5am to photograph sunrise at this pristine, idyllic scene that defines the beauty of Oregon in one single frame.

This photo was taken the very first morning I was there, and ended up being my favorite of the 5 days I photographed it.  The ventricular clouds exploded in fiery red... but while the sky filled with drama, the foreground remained impossibly peaceful.  The water of Sparks Lake didn't move a ripple, creating a mirror for the scene above.  Broken Top mountain stood firm and regal, while log fog layers formed from the waters as the temperatures slowly rose.

I fell in love with Bend that week, and will one day call it home.

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