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“Welcome to Strathcona”

Strathcona Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC

The Story of "Welcome to Strathcona"

I was absolutely amazed to discover the scale of mountain range that lived on Vancouver Island, and wanted to make sure our itinerary covered at least some of them.  After a bit of digging, I decided to add Strathcona Provincial Park to our course.  Before even entering the park, this decision was rewarded!

The towering mountains, colorful rivers, myriad of waterfalls, and general natural beauty of this place left me in awe.  This feeling was magnified when I first took to the skies and beheld the scenery from a birds-eye-view.

The best part about this region was that, for the first time, we were walking trails and seeing sights without bumping into crowds.  As we were traveling in the summer months, Vancouver Island can be a very popular place for vacationers.  But while they flocked to Tofino and the beaches, we enjoyed sunny days amidst the mountains.

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