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“Spilled Paint”

Strathcona Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC

The Story of "Spilled Paint"

I remember seeing the brilliant, impossibly translucent green water of this river from the road as we drove through the mountains of Strathcona Provincial Park and wishing I could capture the entire scene somehow.  Often times, the biggest challenge in photographing landscapes as in fitting everything that makes the vista so beautiful in one frame.

As the view from the ground was a bit of a letdown, I decided to try taking the drone up to get over the river and shoot downstream towards the mountains it chased.  What I did not expect to discover once airborne was how diversely colored and textured this river truly was.  It wasn't until I had taken to the skies that I noticed the yellows and aquas and snaking, braided channels under the surface.

This one is called "Spilled Paint" because I distinctly remember my first thought as I gazed at the scene from 100 meters up: "it looks like Mother Nature spilled her paint bucket!

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