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“Spirit of Ta Prohm”

Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Story of "Spirit of Ta Prohm"

This photo was my most successful of all my photos from Angkor Wat, and may well be my favorite as well.  The way the tree roots have begun the process of reclaiming the Earth while the ingenuity of ancient mankind holds strong evokes such a strong feeling, and the mid-morning light adds pure magic to the scene.

Ta Prohm is known as the Tomb Raider temple because it was featured prominently in the Angelina Jolie flick some years back.  That exposure has made it the second most popular temple behind, of course, Angkor Wat Temple, which I find funny for the simple reason that it should be popular in its own right, not as an accessory to a mediocre movie.

I chose to make this my first stop of the day as I knew it would become a zoo later; this decision proved the right one as I was able to capture this snap with great light and without people!

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