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“Taiwanese Countryside”

Tainan Countryside, Taiwan

The Story of "Taiwanese Countryside"

I arrived to Taiwan via Tainan City, and immediately felt unsettled.  This hazy, arid, and humid city was not the Taiwan I had been told I would fall in love with.  For the first month I was there I didn't see anything natural or of particular beauty.  A friend of a friend was determined to fix that and we planned a day to some waterfalls in the countryside.

A hot, long day later, we arrived at the dried up falls.  It was underwhelming from a photography standpoint, but at least I was out of my awful little apartment for a day.  On the drive home, I caught a glimpse of the first pretty landscape I had seen since arriving.

I have no idea the name of this reservoir or even where this was taken, but I remember fondly getting home, opening Lightroom, and finally having a photo to process from Taiwan.

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