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“Tracing Lines”

Liwu River, Taroko Gorge NP, Taiwan

The Story of "Tracing Lines"

Taroko Gorge in Taroko National Park was my favorite place in all of Taiwan, and it wasn't even close.  It's not secret to many that in my years of traveling, I have never been more frustrated as a traveler or travel photographer than I was in Taiwan, but my time spent riding a scooter around the Liwu River in the Taroko National Park made up for much of the initial frustrations.

What makes this park so special is being tucked so delicately into the mountains, riding along aqua water rivers and streams while exploring old temples, hidden vistas, and general natural beauty.

This photo was one of the best, in my opinion, from the Taroko Gorge.  I just loved how the road traced the lines of the river so perfectly, and the vibrant colors are pure eye candy.

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