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“We Are Infinite”

Southern Lights in Te Anau, Southland, New Zealand

The Story of "We Are Infinite"

We were on a weekend trip to Te Anau in Southland, on the South Island of New Zealand, when we received reports of the Aurora Australia, also known as the Southern Lights, predicted to put on a show within the next 8 hours.  We had that much time to find an interesting foreground and clear southerly views.  A local friend we had made that weekend suggested a lake she knew of, but there wasn't much to it.

"Maybe if we put something in the lake? A kayaker or something?"

The fairy lights made an appearance to add some magic and light to the otherwise invisible kayak, and a 6-hour timelapse from sunset until 1am ensued.  This photo is one frame, showcasing the light dancing and the milky way setting, while the kayaker had to be composited into the image from a previous shot as it would have been impossible to hold a kayak still for a 13 second shutter release.

The result is one of my favorite photos of all time, and the feeling is the title; that through art and creation, we are infinite!

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