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“Tegalalang Terraces”

Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

The Story of "Tegalalang Terraces"

Just a short drive outside the bustle of Ubud are the Tegalalang rice terraces; one of the many picturesque hillsides layered intricately with rice terraces in Bali.  The views from the ground are impressive, but I found that to truly appreciate the textures, a bit of altitude was required.  With the drone providing an aerial view, the landscape and perspective changed entirely and the result was perhaps my favorite photo from Ubud.

Photographing rice terraces is an item on every photographer's bucket list who travels SE Asia, and I was no exception.  Though I would go on to encounter 3 or 4 more such places, the photos I was able to capture from Tegalalang have remained, in my opinion, the most interesting.  Perhaps it's first time bias, or perhaps there's just a bit of magic growing in these fields...

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