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“The Pit”

Sunset at Thors Well, Yachats, Oregon Coast

The Story of "The Pit"

In all my years of travel, in the countless countries I've visited, shorelines I've walked, and sunsets I've captured, nothing is anything like the treasure in my own home state of Oregon; Thors Well on the Oregon Coast.

The collapse of a sea-cave created this natural phenomenon wherein the ocean tides wash over the coastline before draining back into the abyss.  It is exactly as dangerous as it sounds photographing here as potentially fatal sneaker waves have been known to come in unexpectedly.

Though I was safe from my shoot, it did come at the cost of my first camera.  After shooting in only ankle-deep water and knee-deep tides for over 20 minutes, a sneaker wave snuck in out of nowhere and soaked everything.  The camera made it through, for a time, until the salt took hold.

What do you think; is the photo worth it?

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