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“Slow Down”

Tower Bridge, London, England

The Story of "Slow Down"

It seems like London never sleeps.  Throughout the night, cars, buses, planes and trains continue to race across Tower Bridge in an endless stream of light trails.  With the cyclical parade of lights and noise, one can become overwhelmed, or one can find peace.

Sophie took me to this spot, her favorite to visit at night in her hometown of London, with the intention of getting some shots of the bridge, as well as on the bridge.  But the lights and traffic never stopped, and we decided rather than fight for a moment, to embrace the chaos that is London, or any big city, and capture its true essence.

To do that, Sophie was asked to stand still for 10 seconds while the shutter stayed open, capturing the streaking headlights of infinite cars racing to get anywhere but here.  The result was a juxtaposition; a moment of stillness against the frenzy of the city.

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