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“Light At the End”

Treasure Island Ice Cave, Jokulsarlon Glacier, Iceland

The Story of "Light At the End"

Visiting Iceland in the dead of winter presented its challenges, but we booked a February visit with a trip to the Treasure Island Ice Caves in mind.

We thought the crowds would be smaller in the winter months, but didn't consider that road closures around most of the country kept the crowds confined to the same basic spots.  We thought the aurora would be best in the winter, but failed to consider that the clouds would be thickest this time of year.  We thought the ice caves would be incredible, which can only be visited in the winter months... at least we were right about that!

There are a few ice caves that tend to form each year, though they will be different every single year.  That said, the river's course is fairly true so you can count on massive crowds of people being assembly-lined through the popular Crystal Caves, destroying any feelings of peace in such a seemingly-tranquil place.  Luckily, we were able to meet the right people and were gifted a semi-private tour of these lesser-visited Treasure Island Ice Caves.

It was one of the BEST days in Iceland, and indeed in 2018.

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