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“The Landscape of Laos”

Drone view of Vang Vieng, Laos, Southeast Asia

The Story of "Landscape of Laos"

Before research Laos for landscape and travel photography inspiration, I pictured a country like any other in Southeast Asia; flat, hazy, and a few scattered rice fields.  Instead, I found photos of dramatic mountains, colorful rivers, stunning waterfalls, and incredible natural beauty.

Of all the places I was seeing, the small city of Vang Vieng piqued my greatest interest.  I loved the way the Nam Song River carved its way through the golden-yellow countryside, and the way the mountains seem to grow directly vertical.  All of a sudden, Laos was at the top of my list for countries we had to visit.

Nothing about the country disappointed.  In fact, its understated beauty constantly exceeded my expectations.  As gorgeous as things were from the ground, I loved the perspective the drone added by providing sweep views and separation between the endlessly layered mountains.

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