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“Cascade of Light”

Golden Hour in Vang Vieng, Laos, Southeast Asia

The Story of "Cascade of Light"

If this photo looks familiar, it was taken from nearly the same place as the sunset photo from Vang Vieng in this gallery.  The reason is two-fold; its a picturesque mountain with lovely rice fields to support the foreground, and it was taken the same night as "Color Burst."

This was also shot with a drone but captured during golden hour.  I the time we thought this light would prove the best of the day.  The light beams shooting from the sky and cascading through the mountains below add such drama to the scene, but my favorite feature is the way it highlights sections of the rice fields.

Choosing a favorite between golden hour and sunset was impossible.  Luckily, I can love all my photo children equally on this site!

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