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“Color Burst”

Sunset in Vang Vieng, Central Laos

The Story of "Color Burst"

We watched the golden hour fading to twilight and thought to ourselves, "what a disappointing sunset."  As we finished off our beers and prepared to leave, the eastern sky started to change color.  Within minutes, the entire sky was absolutely bursting with color!

With what little battery was left, we took the drone up to include the rice fields in the foreground and captured a couple quick photos before having to take it back down.  Turns out, one was all that was needed!

While I was grateful we were treated to such a spectacular sunset on our final night in Laos, a shamefully big part of me wished we have been at the Nam Xay Lookout, my favorite place in all of Vang Vieng, to witness such an incredible display.  I have such mixed feelings looking at this photo; while I'm glad that I was able to get something I like, it always make me wonder if I missed out on something I would have LOVED.

Leave it to a photographer to be treated with something special and still want more!

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