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“Another World”

Night Photography at Wharariki Beach, New Zealand

The Story of "Another World"

We first arrived at Wharariki Beach, which resides in a remote, secluded corner of New Zealand's south island.  From the moment we stepped foot out of the car, the wind was blowing an absolute gale and we were nervous about the sand it was whipping up getting into our camera equipment.  But the show must go on!

We hiked a mile in to the beach and shot golden hour and sunset there, using caves on the shore as both shelter and compositions.  With a memory card full of shots we were already thrilled with, we hiked back to the car to sneak in dinner before the day gave way to night and the stars came out.

By the time we returned, the tide had entirely changed and the wind had died down a bit.  As promised, a rare clear night on the New Zealand coast provided a perfect window to the famously dark skies that the South Island boasts.  I loved the different compositions and otherworldly seascapes of Wharariki Beach, but "Another World" was my favorite of the day!

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