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“Float Into Morning”

Sunrise in Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

The Story of "Float Into Morning"

Watching sunrise from a hot air balloon as it floats effortlessly through the Yarra Valley is one of my fondest memories from Australia, though it was also a mixed bag.

The good was, of course, was seeing the sunrise over the Yarra Valley transform the landscape below, and being able to capture the scene with full resolution instead of counting on a drone was a plus.  It was also amazing to finally experience what its like to drift through the sky without windows or engines.

On the other side, this was a commissioned job and a travel video was required.  While I was pretty thrilled with one of my first commissioned videos, I discovered that I much prefer to truly see and experience the moment and attempt to capture it in a still frame than spend its entirety finding different angles and moments to video.  Though I truly enjoy the creative process in putting a video together, the actual filming I found to be far more intrusive on the experience than photography.

All that said, I was very pleased with some of the photos I was able to get in between video clips and this shot showing the golden light igniting the distant bay while a partner balloon drifts through the scene was my favorite of them all.

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