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We Own the Moment Photography

Evoking travel dreams

through the magic and

power of photography.

Travel has never been more accessible.

Their bags are packed.

Where will WE take them?


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The rise of visually-focused social media platforms like Instagram, 500px, Facebook, and Pinterest, has created a culture of people seeking experience over possession.  At the heart of this, powerful imagery has always been the hero; the necessity.  After all, a good picture says a 1000 words, and I daresay we can do better.

We Own the Moment Photography offers services in both content creation and social influence, capturing powerful images that incite wanderlust and a desire to visit exotic locations, while reaching a massive, global audience.

They want to lose their breath - it's up to us to take it away.


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More than influence; we provide INSPIRATION

Deliver your message through powerful photography.

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